It can’t go on – something has to change. You’ve received multiple complaints from employees describing how difficult it is to work with this individual. You’ve realised it’s not just a simple personality conflict – it’s a chronic pattern of disrespectful behaviour shown toward others, be they subordinates, peers and/or superiors of the abrasive leader. You, or your employees, may have labelled this behaviour as bullying, or he or she as a bully.

You’ve tried talking to the individual, to no avail. You encounter denial: “I’m not abrasive!” or justification of the behaviour as a necessary management strategy: “Sometimes you just have to be tough on people to get them to perform.” The abrasive leader may even have acknowledged their destructive style and promised to change their ways, but after a brief period of improvement, the old behaviours return.

You value this person’s expertise, but their technical performance is now being overshadowed by their disruptive interpersonal conduct. You feel helpless – you wonder if the situation is hopeless.

You’re not helpless, and contrary to common belief, abrasive leaders are not hopeless.

Our Abrasive Leader Specialist Coaching program originates from over thirty years of research and practice by the Boss Whispering Institute. They have developed an accelerated coaching process designed to help these individuals develop the insight and motivation to relinquish their abrasive styles in favour of more productive management strategies. He or she will find the process rewarding and enjoyable, and you will see demonstrable results by the third coaching session.

What does the Abrasive Leader Coaching Involve?

Our program works in partnership with the Abrasive Leader to:

  • Discover what the negative perceptions of their management style are
  • Understand why these negative perceptions exist
  • Learn how to change their behaviours so the negative perceptions do not continue.

It involves a three step process.

Step 1 – Planning

This includes:

  • gathering data of co-worker perceptions by the coach
  • analysis and feedback of results to the client
  • understanding co-worker negative perceptions
  • collaborative action planning including testing more productive management strategies.

Step 2 – Action

With awareness of the impact of his or her destructive behaviours, the client takes action by:

  • discussing co-worker concerns privately
  • testing new behavioural responses to determine if new actions will result in the elimination of negative perceptions

Step 3 – Fact Finding

The coach re-interviews the client’s coworkers to gather current perceptions. This provides updated information, measures progress, and make adjustments to the coaching where required.

This is an action research based model utilising a scientific method of gathering data, hypothesis development, and testing of hypothesis through experimentation.

If you are interested in learning more or you need coaching for an Abrasive Leader in your business, contact us for a confidential conversation.