Our Workplace Bullying Injury and Risk Assessment is an alternative for you to higher Workcover and insurance premiums and legal costs.

Our goal is to work with you and your employee to create a win-win solution through a consultative approach. This model is both a risk management and supportive approach to workplace bullying prevention and management.

What is a Workplace Bullying Injury and Risk Assessment?

This process has been designed to work with your employee who believes, or you believe, may have been targeted with bullying type behaviours. We will work closely with your employee to assess the situation and how it is affecting them. With this in place, we will create a plan with you and your employee that supports them and prevents or minimises the risk of psychological workplace bullying injury and a subsequent claim.

When is the assessment used?

Our assessment can be used at any stage of the workplace bullying process. However, the earlier it is implemented, the more effective the injury and risk mitigation.

This assessment is used when:

  • An employee believes they have been targeted with bullying type behaviours.
  • An employer believes an employee has been targeted with bullying type behaviours.
  • An employer wants to ensure their employee has appropriate support to prevent or minimise injury risk from perceived workplace bullying.

How does the assessment work?

Finding a solution involves both the employer and employee to maximise the opportunity for successful outcomes and create a win-win.

Through this process, we will:

  • Interview the employee to identify individual risk factors and solutions. This includes are there indicators and behaviours that are typical of workplace bullying; signs of bullying related injury; and what has been tried to resolve the problem.
  • Interview key managers to understand the work environment, job role and tasks.
  • Provide the employee with information and advice to help them manage the situation within the workplace including coaching and mentoring on bullying blocking strategies.
  • Provide the employer with a report and recommended plan to support the employee within the workplace including monitoring and review.
  • Where appropriate, refer the employee to appropriate specialist professional and services to ensure they stay safe and well.

Is this different to a workplace investigation?

This approach is different to a workplace investigation. An investigation is often the result of a formal complaint. This process utilises a less threatening approach with a goal of bringing the employer and employee together to find and implement a win-win solution. At the same time, the employee believing they have been targeted with bullying type behaviours is kept safe within the workplace. However, like an investigation, it introduces an independent person to provide a balanced perspective.

By utilising a workplace bullying injury and risk assessment, you will be able to understand the risk to your company and organisation and and act to mitigate it. At the same time, your employee with feel supported to be kept safe and well in your workplace. That’s a win-win. It’s a smart business decision.

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