Lorna Jane sued by former employee over bullying allegations

One of the most interesting things to read is how the media can portray stories so differently. Amy Robinson is suing her previous employer as she alleges she began to suffer a mental health condition after being bullied in the workplace. The ABC headline reads “Lorna Jane sued by former employee Amy Robinson over bullying allegations“. The news.com.au headline reads “‘Are you seriously complaining about working an extra minute?’ Judge questions alleged Lorna Jane bullying victim”.

Anyone who reads the latter headline is going to immediately think that Amy Robinson is the problem. Until the final judgement is made, we won’t know. Bullying, alleged or not, consists of a number of complex interactions and system failures. Making an individual the problem provides organisations an excuse to not be part of the solution. Bullying allegations need to be treated seriously and investigated appropriately. Organisations needs systems to address workplace bullying allegations. Who wins in this case? Probably the lawyers…

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