Workplace bullying damages your staff. And when it damages your staff, it damages you. People with the serious psychosocial injury caused by bullying are, on average, off work for nearly 10 weeks. And if the situation warrants a Workcover claim, your insurance premiums will increase by thousands of dollars.

work bullying

Workplace bullying is costly: both to the individuals being bullied, and to your organisation, on a number of levels.

If you have bullying issues in your workplace, you’ll know how challenging it is. Things don’t run smoothly. There is rampant absenteeism or presenteeism, where people are present, but distracted and distressed. Staff don’t achieve work targets. They just don’t feel safe. Sometimes, there’s even open conflict. You are losing money because good people are walking out the door, and you are continually reimagining your business to accommodate the problem. On top of it all, you know that you also have a legal and ethical responsibility to provide a safe work environment.

In short, the problem needs managing, but managing it is a challenge all on its own. Maybe you don’t have the time or skills to handle the problem, or maybe you don’t have an appropriate system in place that will resolve it effectively.

That is where we can help.

At Working Well Together, we specialise in preventing and managing workplace bullying, through our Workplace Bullying Support Program, workplace cultural audits, training and systems development.

Workplace Bullying Support Program

Workplace bullying can be costly to your organisation, and even more so when there is a Workcover claim. Our unique approach to bullying management and prevention holistically assesses the situation when a bullying claim is made. The assessment includes the bullied target, the alleged bully and your company to solve the problem and develop a plan to minimise harm and the risk of claims.

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Workplace Cultural Audits

If you want to resolve or prevent workplace bullying, it is vital for you to know your staff, and for your staff to be part of the solution. Our cultural audit service will help you get to the core of workplace bullying problems. It is a positive, inclusive, and empowering approach that involves all levels of staff to effectively resolve the problem for good.


Our workshops and training packages are completely tailored to your workplace and needs, and include training individuals, a department, or the entire organisation. Our years of experience have given us great insight into the conditions that prevent bullying from ever taking hold in the workplace, and through our training we can help you create them in yours.

Custom Training

We understand that your needs are as individual as your organisation. If you have a training need that’s not covered by one of our packages, we will design a workshop especially for you. We will meet with you, discover your goals and needs, and tailor the training to suit your participants, time frame, and desired content.

System Design

Workplace bullying is a difficult situation but not an impossible one: with the right systems in place, you can navigate through the situation to the other side safely, efficiently, and effectively. We can design the right system for you, or if you already have a system in place, we can adjust it to make it work for your situation, at minimal cost and effort.


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